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Darkfall Rise of Agon - Sandbox MMO Adventure
Your Sandbox MMO Adventure. Player controlled empires, first person combat, naval warfare, and endless crafting possiblities in an epic fantasy MMORPG.
skreww_L00se $Darkfall Online: Rise of Agon, currently on free trial! [link]
CaptainMittens $To all arma peeps who are too serious for zOps, we're hosting Military ops Tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd, 9pm EST.

We're playing Norways mission. Using his modpack. It's a pretty solid modpack, nothing scary, or too convoluted, but we're running ace, and TFAR. So it'll require a little setup, if you've never used it before. If you have not verified that your mods are working, PLEASE show up a little early so we can trouble shoot with you. We don't want to delay mission start, and we don't want to leave anyone behind. We will most likely start warming up, and mustering in the channel around 8:30pm.
Forum - Clan Magnus Legio
This is a link to an Enjin page with restricted view access.
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CaptainMittens $  [link]
CaptainMittens $  Also, we'll probably do a quick refresher on how to use TFAR and ACE around mission launch... (ctr+shift+T to wipe goggles).

Also, To all the mad swag Zombie Slayers, we're running our 3rd session of zOps Sunday Oct 30th 9pm est.
LastAtlanteanHey guys! Just a reminder about our D&D session this Saturday. Check the link below for the forum post for the info, and message Last on Steam or Discord if you'd be interested in jumping in! We're at a point in the game where adding in another character would be interesting, and very easy to do!
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daemonslayer   if adding another i SOOO hope can have an interesting story about how meet up :d
MoistPopcorn   Lightknight had an interesting way of integrating my warlock into the campaign he hosted for us, giving him a 100% success rate. Not to volunteer his time, but if need be I'm sure you could ask him for advice.
Lightknight   If by 100% success you mean your character was manipulated by your warlock patron, who was also the offspring of the God Of Darkness, into being its vessel so it could return to the mortal realm....yeah, total success at integration when the party prevented your possession. :)
daemonslayeranyone be up for some pulsar this evening? if so i have a variety of ships at varying stages of completion that could use, or could start from scratch :d
kamerosa $  Bad timing, its all about BF1 now. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!
Jonathan and stox180 registered to Clan Magnus Legio
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stox180   Cheers @PirateSword
BIGPOTHEAD $  Welcome guys! o7
Schoff $  Just in time to order a kickass CML sweatshirt!

More info here:
ShadowintheDark $This Battlefield app lets you configure your loadouts anytime. You can even unlock things using your in-game credits. You can alter your emblems and much more. I used it tonight and it works really well.
Battlefield™ Companion - Android Apps on Google Play
Stay updated on the go with Battlefield™ Companion.
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Cres   From what i read, there is a issue where it resets the loadouts
kamerosa $  I miss commander mode... much fun ordering cruise missiles from my tablet...
CaptainMittens $Planetside 2 ops tonight!
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CaptainMittens $I got some more missions Done for zOps: So I'll be presenting another session of zOps, Sunday Oct 30th. The theme of the nights will be bandits, 3 missions, each will have zombies and living opponents. We'll play part 2 of the MARSOC mission on Porto. Part 3 of the 1st cav in Helvantis missions (yes I gave you a tank in this one), and meet a new group of survivors in Shapur. Check the arma 3 missions section for mission details.
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CaptainMittens $  I have 14-16 player slots in each mission, so we have plenty of room.
Albreich $  you better give us that tank, several soldiers gave their life for that thing. :p
ShadowintheDark $  Shadow is ready.
CresShould have been 40+ and 0.
Something glitched and couldn't more tank or turn the turret.
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ShadowintheDark $  Cres. Cres never changes.
kamerosa $  Part man, part tank
LastAtlanteanSome revised info on crafting in Crowfall. It's a long read, but there's a lot of really interesting topics discussed.
As far as the progress of the game, they are about to shift to a larger, more persistent test. A lot of the new features are on the back end, so if you are waiting for Crowfall to make a big leap in play-ability, keep waiting. Soon though, it will be at a stage where we as a clan can jump in and make good progress, as well as have a load of fun!
Note: We've revamped the former "Economy FAQ" to add additional information about crafting. The changes are significant enough that we felt it warranted an update to highlight the ...
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CaptainMittens $  I like the idea of item decay. I hope that higher tier gear is largely seen as a luxury, and doesn't have a tremendous advantage over lower tiered gear. Otherwise it'll be like pay to win, like in archeage, where people would pop like 20-40 gold worth of buff potions and just be unstoppable.

I really liked Gloria Victus's loot system, where you can basically steal 1 or 2 pieces of kit from a body if you're able to secure it before the player respawns. Combined with high rate of decay, killing a high geared enemy could net you a temporary power boost until you broke the gear or had it stolen again.
LastAtlantean   Definitely. And in the more rewarding campaign worlds (such as the Dregs, where there basically won't be any rules and it's super hard-core) you can fully loot anyone you kill. But to get the best materials for crafting and building structures, you've got to go there and make it out alive.
ShadowintheDark $No other possible outcome.

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Cres   Nice
Lightknight   But Tom Cruise was better, hang your virtual head in shame!
ShadowintheDark $  Yes, but Tom Cruise lost because he was only focused on kills. As evidenced by his score.
CaptainMittens $Excerpt from ZOps last night.
Crashing Wave / Assazination
2 missions we ran during Zops. First was a survival mission,...
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kamerosa $Slow Monday.
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Drachenfels   Some of the posters names were kind of funny
Crimson $  im a fucking nerd, idgaf.
Dryka $  Don't forget Mass Effect humans - they find the artifact on Mars, make a space fleet in the span of a few decades, they find a couple of relays and they go ACTIVATE ALL THE RELAYS! The Turians are like "stop that shit" and come to lay the smack down, and the puny humans who just found out they weren't alone actually manage to kick the asses of a race of soldiers into a stalemate. Then when they are told that they are only allowed to build single-digit worth of Dreadnoughts, humans go "LOL we got carriers, we fine." Because no one else thought about carriers apparently. Then in the span of 5 decades they end up catching up and upsetting centuries of Citadel cultural and technological stagnation.
ShadowintheDark $Time to preload. The time for battle draweth near. Prepare thyselves.

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Cres   Let the tanking begin. The new origin is terrible.
kamerosa $  I want to get premium but also kinda want Civ 6...
Daedalus   CML-Daedalus
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